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We are Brightbird, a creative design studio, specialized in product innovation
and the effective use of product design


Large and small companies nowadays see the importance of a good and qualitative design for their product. Good design is essential for the success of the product in the market. Not only should the appearance of the product be exciting and distinctive, it should also meet user wishes and both technical and cost requirements. All these aspects together determine the overall quality of the product.

Why Brightbird

  • Outstanding design

    Outstanding design
    Outstanding design

    We see a unique and exciting product design as a key factor for success, and it is our specialty to realize this

  • Simple Process

    Simple Process
    Simple Process

    We like to keep product development simple, for each client we select the essential activities to achieve our common goal

  • Co-Creation


    We prefer to work in close cooperation with our clients, to learn from eachother and to enjoy the process of creation together

“experiencing the pleasure of
creating fantastic products together”


The essence of a good product is that it fulfils its function perfectly, and is a great experience to use.
High quality in all aspects. For the design this means sublime ergonomics, an exciting appearance
and attention to every detail. A good product has contemporary aesthetics,
to guarantee pleasurable use for a long period of time.


The creative professionals of Brightbird have more than 25 years of international experience
in the field of innovative product design. We enjoy the pleasure of making beautiful and
smart products, together, in close cooperation with our clients.
To create results where we can all be proud of.

Bart Kip

Bart Kip

  • Owner
  • Industrial Designer

After graduating from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Bart started his career at Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Drachten. In 1999, after ten years of experience in product development he decided to form a new design studio and started ‘Focus – Product Innovation & Design’ that would be continued in Brightbird design center in 2013. In the last couple of years Bart received several design awards for his prestigious work. Bart’s main passion is to enable large and small companies to use high quality product design as an essential element for the success of their products. That way clients manage to set new standards in their respective markets.

Tim Mulder

Tim Mulder

  • Industrial Designer

Tim is an ambitious product designer and part of Brightbird since the end of 2010. He studied Industrial Product Design in Enschede, was trained at two major design studio’s: Vanberlo (Eindhoven) and Flex/the INNOVATIONLAB (Delft) and graduated at Philips (Drachten) in 2010. Tim’s passion is to create recognizable new products that are both functional and desirable. His core qualities are in concept development, brand identity and visualization.

Marijke Tadema

Marijke Tadema

  • Office Manager

Marijke is office manager at Brightbird since the beginning of 2015. In 2014 she graduated in Marketing at he Hanzehogeschool Groningen and supports the creative network whenever and wherever it is necessary.

Gertjan Drent

Gertjan Drent

  • Senior Engineer

Gertjan graduated from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design in 1988 and has broad experience in Engineering and Product Management. He started his career at Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care. In 2006 Gertjan initiated the design agency ‘Fluctus’, since 2007 a main partner of Brightbird with specialties in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacturing.

Jarno von Piekartz

Jarno von Piekartz

  • Engineer

Engineer at Fluctus

Minhua Wu

  • Industrial Designer

Jon is responsible for brightbirds’ product development in Asia. He has broad experience in the consumer lifestyle market and has experience with international brands like Electrolux, Breville, OBH, Hamilton Beach, SANYO, SEB, Delonghi and Argos.

Scott McLachlan

  • Industrial Designer

Scott has more than 25 years of creative experience in all aspects of product innovation and design management. With several successful products that have proven his ability to recognize and translate cultural signals and trends into strong solutions he’s a appreciated partner in the Brightbird creative network.

Frank Boxman

  • Animation Designer

Frank joined the Brightbird creative network in 2011 and is specialized in writing, directing, animation and visual effects

Tim Heerspink

  • Intern

Internship at Brightbird / Fluctus

I appreciate to work with Brightbird. They create high quality designs and<br />
keep the product development process as simple as possible.<br />

" I appreciate to work with Brightbird. They create high quality designs and
keep the product development process as simple as possible.

Erich Kamperschroer | CEO Gorilla





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