Brand design studio

Brand design is the third pillar of our design studio. The branding activities can be characterized by designing the corporate identity or identity style of your company. This identity style is a visual translation of the core values of a company, fitting the positioning and desired look and feel in the market. A logo design is of great importance here. The logo itself is your communication to the outside world, it represents the values of your company, designing a logo therefore is a profession in its own right.

Brand design

Building a strong brand

Building on the foundation of a custom developed brand identity, the style of both products and animations are defined. Once all visual expressions are consequentially designed in the same style, your brand has a strong recognisability. Building a strong brand starts by consistently applying identity characteristics. We can support you with the development of a complete new brand identity from scratch, or updating an existing one and lift it up to a higher level.


Brand book

You will receive a ‘brand book’, in which all characteristics and guidelines are listed that apply to the design of the logo, website, apps, animations, brochures, business cards, products and packaging. To make sure everything will be created in the same style, we can help you with the implementation. These activities can contribute to a strong and recognizable brand and thereby the success of your brand.

Brand designer
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