Smart ideas, Exciting design. Creative exploration.

At our design studio in Groningen, we work with a talented, enthusiastic group of people. All working together passionately to create beautiful, smart solutions, in close collaboration with our clients. Do you feel a spark? Feel free to contact us.

Product designer

We’re looking for an industrial product designer who carries out design assignments independently, from orientation phase to prototyping and materialisation. You have a HBO/WO certificate and a minimum of two years’ experience and/or training. Within the all-round range of tasks, the emphasis is on artistic inventiveness, realisation and visualisation. You also maintain close contact with clients and suppliers. You’re a team player with English language skills and an excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and CAD (SolidWorks), then we’re interested in you!


Motion designer

Are you a motion designer who has a strong affinity with product design and visual interaction and a great sense for image composition and cinematography? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in computer graphic, motion design or 3D modelling/animation and a minimum of two years’ experience and/or training? For us it is important that you have an excellent knowledge of 3D rendering, visual effects and highly skilled in the CC platform. When you’re a team player and also have English language skills, please sign in!


Office manager

We are looking for an office manager who will be the center of our creative team, someone who can further advance the internal organization of a small company by arranging things carefully and properly. You have an MBO + education and at least 3-4 years of work experience. As a creative all-rounder, the emphasis is on checking time registrations, making invoices, contact with accountant / payroll and solving question items. You provide internal support in the field of HRM, but also during consultations. You are also the point of contact when it comes to housing and facility matters, purchasing and insurance. If working in a small creative team suits you, we are looking for you! Send us your motivation and CV quickly and we will let you know if you can visit the studio. The interviews will take place on April 28-29, 2021.