Smart ideas, Exciting design. Creative exploration.

At our design studio in Groningen, we work with a talented, enthusiastic group of people. All working together passionately to create beautiful, smart solutions, in close collaboration with our clients. Do you feel a spark? Feel free to contact us.

Product designer

We’re looking for an industrial product designer who carries out design assignments independently, from orientation phase to prototyping and materialisation. You have a HBO/WO certificate and a minimum of two years’ experience and/or training. Within the all-round range of tasks, the emphasis is on artistic inventiveness, realisation and visualisation. You also maintain close contact with clients and suppliers. You’re a team player with English language skills and an excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and CAD (SolidWorks), then we’re interested in you!


Motion designer

Are you a motion designer who has a strong affinity with product design and visual interaction and a great sense for image composition and cinematography? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in computer graphic, motion design or 3D modelling/animation and a minimum of two years’ experience and/or training? For us it is important that you have an excellent knowledge of 3D rendering, visual effects and highly skilled in the CC platform. When you’re a team player and also have English language skills, please sign in!