Becton Dickinson
BACTECâ„¢ Blood Culture Solution Campaign

Preventing sepsis in time

From the recognition to the treatment phase, bloodstream infection management presents many challenges. BD offers a total solution for each phase of the diagnostic process that helps to timely intercept bloodstream poisoning, also known as sepsis in the hospital. Brightbird developed a professional video production on behalf of BD that clearly communicates this total solution and associated phases in the process.

Complete professional video production

Our challenge was to make a complex and technical process easy to understand for consumers and end-users. We had a sharp ambition: to create a scientifically correct experience, accessible to a wide audience. It was important to us that watching the video gave the viewer a good opportunity to empathize with the consequences and to become aware of the urgency of research into sepsis.

A clear and simple story

The client’s original briefing was complex and detailed. It was quite a challenge to keep the story as simple as possible. What is the essence and how can we make it visual. Good preparation and structured cooperation with BD resulted in a simple script and a clear storyboard for the video production. By using stock video fragments it was possible to add emotion at no great cost, so that the viewer is immediately taken into the story.

A mix of vision and sound

A video production is a total package. For us as a team it is always the challenge to deliver a consistent and professional result. The graphics, or the artwork, are part of that. With an eye for detail, a combination is made of 3D animation, live video images and graphics. This, supplemented with a carefully designed sound design and voice-over, leads to a harmonious unity with which we help our client to clearly convey a complex message.

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