Becton Dickinson
ReadA Compact

Full lab automation

A new era of laboratorium research has arrived. Transparent plastic plates that contain bacteria can be inoculated in this device. This new product design, the “Standalone ReadA Compact” is able to read the plates automatically and sort them by scanning their barcode. Hereafter, the plates will be transported to the inoculation chamber where hot air is circulating. In a scheduled interval the plates will be photographed and the images will be send to a computer to scan for results. This will make it much easier for lab researchers to recognize which plates needs to be processed further. With a push on a button, one can eject a plate at will at the output station.

Human centered design

The essence of the design for the microbiology devices is the ease of use. Before, many tasks that had to be done manually are now fully automated. This saves a lot of time that lab researchers can now spend on other tasks. Besides this, the products are now fully recognizable with the BD product identity. The combination of white and transparent blue gives the devices a sense of simplicity, friendly technology and approachability. The simplicity is characterized by the geometric shapes and the absence of visible buttons.  A central control system takes care of all movements and activities on the devices. The friendly technology is amplified by the products’ round corners and refinement in visible technology, that is housed under the blue hoods. The visibility of the moving plates inside the device, offers the user confirmation that the technology is at work.

Good and professional product design

“Brightbird is flexible and decisive, but above all a studio with professional designers who make good designs! BD is redesigning much of its product portfolio. Brightbird has played an important role in defining and developing our new product design, but also in defining our “Visual Brand Language” guidelines. In collaboration with strong network partners, Brightbird is able to deliver state-of-the-art mock ups and product animations in addition to beautiful and good designs.”

Maarten Rijken
BD Life Sciences
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