BD Kiestra
Total Lab Automation

State of the art animation

The best way for companies to make customers understand the unique benefits of a new product is to show it in use. Through motion design Brightbird creates video productions for BD Kiestra, especially when live action video is not possible. We enable clients to highlight complex technology and processes even if they take place deep inside the product. This helps to communicate the product’s unique features. Sometimes long before the actual market introduction.

BD Total Lab Automation
Powerful unique deliverables

“Brightbird enables us to develop tools that help us to communicate the value of our solutions in a unique way. With their unique skills they are able to create a perspective of a value that cannot be shown through images, live video or other ways of communicating. This is vital to us as a company, as it allows us to better link the value of a technical product with the needs of our customers.”

Robin Smit
Marketing Manager BD Life Sciences

Engaging product visualisation

Augmented experiences and app development can be added to create an engaging presence, in line with the visual brand language of the client. This exciting design in motion has proven its worth for both internal and external communication purposes.

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