How to launch a new product

Start-up product and brand identity

Leon Rutten came to Brightbird with a new product idea: an electronic saddle clip to monitor a horse’s movements during training. In addition to the product development, Leon asked us to create a brand identity for his company, Equestic. For a new brand with a new product, this is a perfect approach to entering the market with a strong message and a coherent, recognisable style. This is also implemented in the app and website.


Robust pioneer

During discussions with the client we always try to determine the essence of what is needed. We aimed to create a refined but sturdy design, with timeless aesthetics to ensure that the product remains attractive and profitable for a long time.

High-tech monitoring

The Equestic SaddleClip had to be an extremely easy to use electronic device that measures and analyses all movements of the horse during training sessions. Apart from the fact that it offers unique insights in the performance of both rider and horse, it can also help prevent injuries. Our network partner Fluctus was responsible for the engineering of the product and Leon did a fantastic job with regards to the coordination and marketing strategy.

Effective collaboration

“The goal of Equestic was to launch an A-brand product. Brightbird has helped to develop this new product with the right look and feel for the market launch.”

Leon Rutten
CEO Equestic
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