Fuze Gaming
Power charger for the PS5 Controller

Design for longer battery-life

Fuze Gaming is a start-up company, developing a unique powerbank for the PlayStation5 game controller. This new product is anticipating on rapidly growing trends in gaming.
Ultimate experience, multi-sense, cloud-based, streaming and playing on the go. The Fuze is the ideal powerbank for worldwide cloud-based gaming and
maximizing wireless PS5 gaming time, wherever you are. Including wireless charging!

Fuze Gaming

We were asked to design the complete creative package for Fuze.
The product design, the logo, the visual identity, including animations and video.
The ideal situation to achieve a consistent visual appearance and build a strong brand.

Brand Identity of Fuze

The Fuze Logo can be interpreted in 3 ways.
A symbol of fusion, combining the physical and online world. Or a fusion of the Fuze and a gaming controller.
A symbol of seamlessness, as the mind completes the open symbol’s shape, thus portraying a seamless experience.
A symbol of Fuze’s 3 core principles, connecting gamers, anytime and anywhere.

The Ultimate Experience!

The pleasure of creating together

From the start of the project, from the moment that Rynoud came to us to explain his idea, we worked in a pleasant collaboration. We clearly noticed the passion and enthusiasm of our client to start-up this great project and make it a success. Step by step, in good mutual understanding, we have created an exciting design and powerful brand identity.

That is the pleasure of creating together, achieving great results we can all be proud of!

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