Marketing Campaign Video

Clean and safe interior air quality

Poor air quality can cause serious health problems and drastically impacts our ability to focus and feel comfortable. During the COVID-19 epidemic the entire world stayed in isolation to limit the spread of the disease, keeping everyone safe and healthy. Cafes and restaurants shut down, schools went online, and everyone transitioned to the “home-office”. During this time Norbert Vroege realized that the main reason people can’t be safely be in the same room with each other is bad ventilation. This is what initiated the idea of Goflow; a ventilation system that provides a clean and safe interior climate allowing people to sit in the same room together, even during a pandemic.

Animation design for a broad audience

Goflow came to Brightbird with the request to create an eye-catching animation video which they can share with consumers, potential clients and investors. The goal was to present the benefits of this new method in a simple and clear way. Highlighting the reasons to believe in the solution as well as the functionality of the system.

Blending 2D and 3D motion styles

The aim of the story was to communicate the feeling someone gets when being outside. The feeling of fresh and clean air when in a healthy and comfortable environment, like a forest or park. By combining 2D and 3D animation we created an abstract yet realistic art style which allowed us to evoke this feeling, while also explaining the technical, environmental, and financial benefits of the solution.

From idea to animation

With good preparation and frequent contact, we managed to create a video that aligns with our quality standards and the wishes of the client. By collecting the correct references, finetuning the script and by discussing all the options during the storyboarding phase we were able to finish the project smoothly.

A smooth process

“Brightbird delivered an outstanding animation video. Very creative, easy to understand and appealing to watch. Our (potential) customers and business partners are very impressed. Process went fast and smooth.”

Frank van Buchem
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