Inventum GC75

Sustainable and timeless products

Successful product range

For Inventum we designed a completely new breakfast range. This enabled us to develop products of high quality in all ways; strong and durable due to long-lasting, quality materials and easy to disassemble and recycle at the end of the life cycle.

Product design

Products should always fulfill their function as well as possible, within clearly defined cost targets. Innovative solutions to optimise pleasure during use found their way into the product design. Special attention was paid to the range’s visual appearance, aiming at attractive design and perfect detailing.

Timeless aesthetics

The timelessness of the aesthetics ensures that the products will remain desirable over the years. This resulted in products as we like them to be: a great use experience over a long period of time.

In close collaboration

“From the moment Inventum decided to develop its own products, Bart has guided the entire design process with full dedication. A team of creative and technical designers with exceptional commitment to the process and to their clients.”

190425 Paul Gigengack
Paul Gigengack Art Director Inventum