Xvivo - Organ Assist
Design for medical innovation

Professionalization of the brand

Organ Assist, as part of the Xvivo Perfusion Group, has asked Brightbird to take both corporate identity and product design to a next level. This will enable the company to gain a more professional market position.

The product to become the carrier of this new approach was the Kidney Assist Transporter. It offers oxygenated machine perfusion at all different time points in the pathway of organ donation: during preconditioning, preservation and reconditioning. The design challenge was to make the product suitable for all these different situations. Sturdy and safe during transport. Logical and intuitive to use during installation and surgery. Sterile and sustainable. With special attention to the user experience, in combination with an iconic visual appearance this product represents the professional aspirations of the company. For now and for the future.

Unique innovative technology

Extensive research has shown that 100% oxygenation during organ perfusion results in substantial improvement of kidney preservation and consequently in survival of patients. A great opportunity to develop a unique product! Additionally offering more professional quality than competition regarding technical execution, ease of use and reduction of disposable components. Our focus on finding a compact overall solution led to a completely integrated concept, including even the oxygen bottle.

Continuous perfusion flow through the organ, with 100% oxygen, guarantees optimal performance. Strong and long-lasting cooling is provided by two specially designed ice containers. The LED-supported selective user interface provides logical and intuitive process operation in all circumstances.

Medical design complexity

The hardest part of the design activity was to achieve a compact product by integration of a large number of functional components, in such a way that handling of the product remains easy and logical. On top of this challenge of course, the task to accomplish an attractive design suitable for serial production. To keep a long story short: a complex but fantastic project!

Kidney Assist Transport

“In the collaboration with Brightbird I appreciate the creativity, the positive vibe and the know-how. During the project we have been guided through the design process, step by step. We had good discussions to be able to make proper decisions and with their attention to detail this has resulted in a professional state-of-the-art product design. Brightbird has contributed to the success of XVIVO – Organ Assist by putting the competition behind on design. This product will enable lots of patients worldwide to benefit from the revolutionary technology of oxygenated organ perfusion.”

Arjan van der Plaats
XVIVO - Organ Assist
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