Learn how to save a life

Enabling accessible and effective CPR training

When someone is undergoing cardiac arrest, the quick and proper actions of a bystander have the power to save a life. The growing amount of CPR/AEDs in public spaces has shown a direct increase in the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients. The confidence to start with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the quality of the performed chest compression is important to further increase this rating. Harry Palsma, a medical doctor with more than 25 years of expertise in bystander CPR/AED-education and research, founded SamAid in order to contribute to this cause. SamAid aims to offer a strong and reliable training method to guide potential bystanders through the steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Easy to use, e-learning based and directly applicable from home.


Unique training triplet

In close collaboration with our team, SamAid managed to bring a new training package to the market. The solution contains everything you need to get started: a SimCPR-wristband (sensor), the SimCPR-app and a SimCPR-manikin. This unique combination gives insight in indicating the right force and rhythm for chest compressions. We are happy knowing that our support in the development of this product is enabling people all over the world to start learning CPR and potentially save lives.

The pleasure of creating together

“Brightbird enables entrepreneurs to translate ideas into visual content which can be converted into real physical products. Proposals becoming tangible. In the collaboration I appreciate the fact that the company is not too big, so you’re not just one of the clients. You’re being treated seriously and you’re important.”

Harry Palsma
Founder SamAid
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