Spark Holland Lab Systems
From instrument supplier to system specialist

Modular system and OEM design

Spark Holland offers sample preparation technology for analytical processes. Spark has evolved from a supplier of individual instruments into a world-class system specialist. Brightbird has helped make this change by defining a distinctive look for the system. We developed a set of design rules for consistency and modularity, resulting in a range of coherent laboratory systems. This enabled Spark Holland to become a credible partner on the international laboratory market.

Spark Holland
Modular system and OEM design

“The result of our long-lasting collaboration is clearly apparent in the various instrument modules, which combine to form a coherent high-tech system. Brightbird has played an important role in achieving this, not only by defining the Spark Style handbook but also through continuous attention to the quality of the design detailing.

Increasingly, we integrate Brightbird’s creative competences into our OEM sales processes. Even for last minute requests, Brightbird never fails to deliver appropriate artist impressions of customised designs for important OEM clients, right on time.”

Rob van der Knaap
CEO Spark Holland
Product design
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