TU Masterline
Creating the new standard

The impact of a new design statement

TU Masterline wished to introduce a completely new range of high-quality veterinary injectors. The product development was carried out in close collaboration with our network partner Fluctus, responsible for the complex engineering. In addition to the aesthetics, Brightbird helped to make the injectors modular, sturdy and ergonomic. To underline the quality of the range, we proposed a style referencing power tool design. This allowed the new products to immediately stand out and establish their own position in the market.

Veterinary Injector

The essence of a good product

The essence of a good product is that it fulfills its function perfectly, and is a great experience to use. High quality in all aspects. For the design this means sublime ergonomics, an exciting appearance and attention to every detail. A good product has timeless aesthetics to guarantee pleasurable use for a long period of time.

Brand exposure

“The outstanding design has created a lot of exposure for our brand, and the fact that the product line won a Red Dot design award was a fantastic bonus!”

Hans Snijders
CEO TU Masterline
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