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In our creative agency is product development the core activity, with a specialty in product design. We strive to achieve exemplary quality. Good industrial design in the first place is a result of perfect functionality of the product. It should be pleasant in its use, is remarkably well constructed, and has a well-considered choice of materials. It is durable in its life-cycle and has a fair production price.

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Product development

An attractive and timeless aesthetic is essential for the success of a product. The product development process consists of a couple of steps in which diverse design activities take place. Some of these design process steps are: development of a market analysis and product positioning, design strategy, product identity, product ideation, product concepts, product sketches, 3D CAD files, product visuals, renderings and illustrations. These can also be used for market research and any of these activities can be handled separately.

Product design

Product design specialists

Through our network of specialists we can offer you the complete trajectory of product development, including engineering, production drawings, select suppliers, and production support. Detailed models and prototypes are fabricated by our model makers. Our team of professional designers cooperates with over 30 national and international companies.

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