User Experience Design

What is UX / UI design?

User Experience (UX) design is the design discipline during the product development process, focused on creating the most ideal experience for the user while interacting with a product or service. The growing number of complex electronic products requires a specialist approach to achieve user friendly and intuitive solutions. An absolute challenge! Following a well carried out UX design process increases the chance of a product’s success on the market.

As Brightbird, we help our clients in the field of UX, interaction and motion design. We approach UX as the whole experience, whether it is an industrial product, a digital experience such as a mobile app, or sometimes a combination of these two.
Brightbird offers the complete UX design process that will suit your user and at the same time seamlessly match the appropriate brand identity and market needs.


Empathizing with the user

For instance, the success of a new industrial product depends on how it is perceived by the users, apart from its functionality and features. While creating the best possible user experience for your products, we consider a wide range of variables: who are the users and what are the market and business needs? Does the product provide ease of use, value and desirability? To make a difference in the market, it is essential to have a solid UX strategy.

During the strategy phase, we carry out research activities such as interviews and co-design sprints with all project stakeholders. We help you out to develop empathy with your users and extract valuable data to be able to make strategic choices based on facts, instead of assumptions. The UX strategy creates a reliable baseline for the next phases.

Designing the best interaction for your product

A meaningful user interaction makes your product better than competitors. Based on UX strategy and user needs, we design understandable, pleasing and usable interactions. Good interaction design is simple and intuitive; the user has to know where to look at and how to engage with the product immediately. To achieve this, we process the complex data we gather and communicate these in a simple yet effective way. This improves the usability of your product.

Along this phase we create clear visual user flows and interactive prototypes that help us testing different scenarios rapidly, in order to select the best concept for the final product.

Memorable visual design, UX / UI for a matching brand experience

Well designed graphic elements such as typography, icons and illustrations enable users a pleasant experience. We handle visual elements and motion design strategically for a strong brand recognition as well as a smooth and memorable user experience. In general people attach great importance to images. Therefore a consistent visual language will help your product or service to become better understandable and improve the overall user experience.

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