Cricket Sustainability Case
Designing for Sustainability

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse


After having a very successful product line on the market by Brightbird, Cricket has an ambition to lead the sustainable lighter market now. Brightbird collaborated with Cricket again to launch sustainable product series. We re-designed the iconic Cricket lighter more durable and completely sustainable materials now; from stainless steel and recycled nylon.

Premium feeling: Flint Delux

Cricket lighters are re-designed with high-end materials for durability as well as a premium user experience. The Deluxe lighter, the most luxurious lighter on Cricket inventory, made to last. This high quality lighter is refillable and reflintable and comes in a tin case. The Deluxe lighter is equipped with a turbo flame making it windproof.

Only lighter body in the world made from 100% recycled nylon

Brightbird also supported the design process of the recycled nylon lighters, as well as the packaging, new range of sleeves and other marketing materials. We designed the new range of sustainable sleeves with close collaboration with the client, with the latest graphic design trends. The new sustainable Cricket identity attracted a high demand in various places in the world.

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