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Accessible and effective CPR training

When someone has a cardiac arrest, prompt and appropriate action by a bystander can be life-saving. It has been proven that the increase in the number of AEDs available in public places has been accompanied by a direct increase in the survival rate from cardiac arrest. The decisiveness to start with a resuscitation and the quality thereof are essential to further increase those chances. Harry Palsma, a physician and medical advisor with over 25 years of experience in bystander CPR research, founded SamAid to contribute to this. SamAid provides a powerful and reliable training method to guide potential bystanders during a future CPR. The training is based on e-learning, is easy to use and can be activated directly at home.


Unique training threesome

In close cooperation with our team, SamAid has succeeded in bringing the new training package to the market. The pack contains everything trainees need: a SimCPR bracelet (sensor), the SIMCPR app and a SimCPR doll. Thanks to this unique combination, it is possible to gain insight into whether the trainee is using the correct force and rhythm during the heart massage. We think it’s a great idea that with the development of this product we contribute to education about resuscitation, which can save human lives worldwide.

The pleasure of creating together

“Brightbird ondersteunt entrepreneurs bij het vertalen van ideeën via visuele content naar echte, fysieke producten. Ze maken ideeën tastbaar. Tijdens onze samenwerking was het prettig dat het bedrijf niet te groot is, zodat je niet ‘één van de klanten bent’. Je wordt serieus genomen en bent belangrijk.”

Harry Palsma
Founder SamAid
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